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Parks in Florissant

Florissant is a spacious community north of St Louis, MO, with a shared love of the great outdoors. Bordering the Missouri River, Florissant is lush with green trees and breathtaking natural areas, both cultivated and wild. Locals love to go hiking and camping in every season, and you can see more than a little of that outdoor enthusiasm in the number of parks in Florissant neighborhoods.

If you're looking for the best parks in Florissant close to your new home, we're more than happy to help. Our community has some fantastic parks, nature trails, fishing spots, and tons of pet-friendly vistas to share with friends of varieties.

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Sunset Park

Sunset Park lies along the beautiful shore of the Missouri River on the northern border of Florissant. Here, you will find 108 acres of wild landscape, a 4-mile hiking trail, and endless natural delights. Whether you love fishing, hiking, or want to plan an event in the glory of the great outdoors, Sunset Park is a local favorite. It is very pet-friendly and includes the Sunset Nature Lodge, available for event rentals.

White Birch Bay Aquatic Center

This summer, you can't miss the White Birch Bay Aquatic Center. This is Florissant's water park, a local celebration of everything wet and splashy. There are giant water slides, splash jungle gyms, wading pools, swimming pools, and a lazy river for peaceful floating. There's also a duck pond and green space for frolicking away from the water park area. You'll even find dry-land amenities like a skate park, a dry playground, and, of course, plenty of shady pavilion seating for lunch and relaxation out of the sun.

Koch Park

If you're looking for a little bit of everything in a neighborhood park, check out Florissan'ts Koch Park. This park is so multi-purpose you will likely be amazed. There is a spectacular jungle-gym playground, a fun splash-pad aquatic center, handball courts, sand volleyball, and includes the Kennedy Memorial Field, a fenced area for baseball.

Not to mention two pavilions with barbecue pits and electricity (a rare treat) for local functions. There is also plenty of green space for pet-friendly play. The park is adjacent to the John F Kennedy Community Center.

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Manion Park

Manion Park has the most charming playground in town. Styled like a garden, the entire playground features flower-themed play structures, from flower pedal shade to the climbable structures and bungee swing. We also love the rainbow xylephone toy, a musical addition you won't see in other parks.

Outside the play area is a large green space, a barbecue pavilion, and a long walking trail. The dog park is nearby, so there is something for everyone.

Saint Stanislaus Conservation Area

If you want to immerse yourself in nature, the Saint Stanislaus Conservation Area is a pristine and seemingly endless exploration of the natural beauty of the Missouri forest. There are several hiking trails, and the conservation area includes both sides of the Missouri River. The first primary trail follows the ridge of the La Charmonier (coal seam) bluff, with a steep path, an expansion bridge, and a gorgeous view as a reward. The other trail arcs downward through the rich bottomlands to the Bryan Island Chute, which flows out of the Missouri River.

This is a favorite retreat for nature-lovers, local hikers, and those who want a pet-friendly adventure.

Champ Trails + Sioux Passage Park

For even more hiking adventure, you'll want to go a bit far afield to the Champ Trails and, beyond them, the Sioux Passage Park. True to it's name, the Champ Trails are primarily hiking trails with a few picnic areas. The Sioux Passage Park has more amenities, including a playground, campsite, horseback riding, a boat ramp, and a few sports courts.

Little Creek Nature Area

Lastly, there's the Little Creek Nature Area, owned and managed by Florrisant's school district. Located at the south edge of town, the Nature Area holds regular classes and is a go-to spot for field trips in good weather where children can learn about nature and meet a few tame animals like chickens and lizards.

Older students from local high schools contribute to maintaining the Nature Area and take part in the curriculum. The park is also available for locals who are interested in learning more about Missouri's nature.

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Find Your Home Near the Best Parks in Florissant

If you're looking for apartments in Florissant near beautiful parks and downtown amenities, you are always welcome at Greenway Chase. Located in the north end of Florissant, just a short drive from Sunset Park and the shore of the Missouri River, you will find a welcoming variety of floorplans and lifestyle-empowering amenities. Moving in with your pet? We'd love to meet your furry friend and can give you directions to all the dog parks and pet-friendly restaurants in town. In fact, we have a dog park within the apartment community to help you and your pet enjoy an active life at Greenway Chase.

Contact us today to discuss availability and lifestyle opportunities in Florissant, MO.